Spring 2001

Due to sabbaticals we have a somewhat reduced schedule this spring, but we anticipate
continued lively investigations of issues which are invigorating our scholarly fields. As is
our custom, the seminars are entirely devoted to discussion of previously circulated papers;
please call in advance for the papers. We hope you will be able to join us and our
colleagues this spring!

Monday, April 2

4: 15 p.m. Davison Art Center Dining Room

Natasha Korda, Department of English, Wesleyan University

Isabella’s Rule: Singlewomen and the Properties of Poverty in ‘Measure for

Monday, May 7

4: 15 p.m. Davison Art Center Dining Room

Michael Armstrong-Roche, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, Wesleyan

Christian Politics Reimagined in Cervantes’ Novel ‘The Labors of Persiles
and Sigismunda: A Northern Story’

Special Announcement
As part of the spring lecture series of the Center for the Humanities Michael Wyatt will
speak on The Musical Rhetoric of the Renaissance Papacy: Polyphony and
Politics on Monday, February 12, at 8:00 pm at Russell House. All are welcome!